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Portable Athletic Field Lines

Port-A-Field athletic field lines are custom made for various sports and are a great way to quickly establish proper boundaries and field markings for practice and play of many sports. Coupled with a portable goal and optional interior lines for your sport, users can establish a sports field anywhere. Read more about Port-A-Field here.

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Port-A-Field Setup

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Touch Rugby

Touch Rugby

Touch rugby refers to games derived from rugby football in which players do not tackle each other in the traditional, highly physical way, but instead touch their opponents using their hands on any part of the body, clothing, or the ball.  A standard touch rugby field consists of 50 x 70 meter field and two 10 meter in goal areas creating a full perimeter of 50 x 90 meters.  Markings are provided for the in goal lines (10m from the each end), scorelines (5m from the in goal line), 10 meter lines (10m from the halfway line) and the halfway line.  If you need a custom size touch rugby field, please contact us with your special request.