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Portable Athletic Field Lines

Port-A-Field athletic field lines are custom made for various sports and are a great way to quickly establish proper boundaries and field markings for practice and play of many sports. Coupled with a portable goal and optional interior lines for your sport, users can establish a sports field anywhere. Read more about Port-A-Field here.

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Port-A-Field Setup

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Soccer (aka futbol or football) is a globally reknowned sport with several governing bodies overseeing events and leagues ranging from youth players to professional players.  With such a large variation in soccer field types and sizes, Port-A-Field soccer fields are categorized in a way to help you build the ideal soccer field to meet your need.  Select the respective perimeter, penalty boxes and center line to build the ideal soccer field or even explore our dual and tri-field setups to accommodate larger events.  Soccer training grids are available as well to accommodate practice needs.