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Portable Athletic Field Lines

Port-A-Field athletic field lines are custom made for various sports and are a great way to quickly establish proper boundaries and field markings for practice and play of many sports. Coupled with a portable goal and optional interior lines for your sport, users can establish a sports field anywhere. Read more about Port-A-Field here.

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Port-A-Field Setup

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Port-a-Field offers standard badminton courts for both singles and doubles play with the option to include or exclude service lines.  Both singles and doubles courts are the same in length (44 ft) but vary in width by 3 ft.   Single courts come in 17x44 ft dimensions and Double courts come in 20x44 ft dimensions.  All badminton courts come with the perimeter and centre lines but service lines are optional.  If you need a badminton court size not listed, please contact us with your request.