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Our product line includes field perimeters, mid lines, goal / penalty boxes, beach soccer lines and training grids.


Personalization and Branding Package-Own The Field!

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We have the ability to put your team name, creed, motto, logos and/or Sponsor Advertising directly onto the lines of your field, pitch or court! 

Many sponsors are willing to contribute to the purchase of your field in exchange for advertising!

Because Port-a-Fields come with a number of sport-related markings, such as markings for GOAL, or MIDFIELD for example, the number and placement of your Personalized Branding lables is determined by us based on the size of your field. Please reference this product's images to see the approximate placement of the Personalized Branding labels or click Here for a quick display.

  • For fields up to 50 yards - 8 labels.
  • For fields up to 75 yards - 12 labels.
  • For fields over 75 yards long - 20 labels.

Own The Field!

(NOTE: If you have already purchased a Personalization Package as an Accessory (CP-PkgA) to another product, and filled out the Input form from your shopping cart (CP-PkgA-Input), but would like to send us a second or multiple sets of input for multiple fields, you can purchase this product, CP-Pkg-OTF , for each set of differing Input.)