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USA Football Rookie Tackle 35.3x50 yds

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Rookie Tackle serves as a bridge-game between flag football and 11-player tackle and is a part of USA Footballƒ??s adoption of the United States Olympic Committeeƒ??s American Development Model (ADM). Rookie Tackle was created with input from youth football leaders throughout the United States to improve the playing experience for young athletes. The field design is a 3-sided field perimeter. Play begins at the open end and drives toward the end zone, similar to playing half court basketball. Printed elements every 5 yards denoting the yardlines and goal line. Size is 35 1/3 x 50 yds overall with a 40 yard playing area and a 10 yd end zone. Optional Team boundaries and Spectator boundaries are used for safety and to make a complete a venue.