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Port-A-Field : Affiliate Program

Are your website visitors prospective Port-a-Field users? Join our FREE Affiliate Program and earn commission for those sales!

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About the Program

Earn revenue by joining our online affiliate program and promoting Port-a-Field on your website or blog with both banner ads and text links. Our program will earn you up to 20% commission on every sale referred from your site.  There is a 30-day cookie/return system in place where you are credited commission for any visitor that you refer that returns within 30 days and makes a purchase.

We provide you with all of the tools needed to promote us on your website (banners, text links, product images & more) and we handle all the ordering, shipping, and billing processes. Your affiliate ID is builit directly into our banner ads and text links generated from our affiliate section to track all traffic you refer to the Port-a-Field site.  There is no charge to join our affiliate network.

How It Works

  1. Advertise our Port-a-Field products or on your web page or blog or direct emails to your email list (no spamming).
  2. Your visitors/viewers will click on your “affiliate link” and will get redirected to our e-shop.
  3. Some of them will make a purchase.
  4. You receive up to 20% commission from every customer you directed to us; current and up to 30-day future sales.
  5. All commission balances of $50 or greater are paid to each affiliate at the end of each quarter. Applying your commission as a product discount is optional.

3 Tiers of Commission

  • Tier 1:    5% commission : Less than $6000 in quarterly sales (less than $500 wk average)
  • Tier 2 : 10% commission : Over $6000 in quarterly sales ($500+ per wk average)
  • Tier 3 : 15% commission : Over $16000 in quarterly sales ($1k+ per wk average)
  • Tier 4 : 20% commission : Over $60,000 in quarterly sales ($5k+ per wk average)

How to Join


If you have any questions, please contact us.