Portable Athletic Field Boundaries

Port-A-Field : Event Advertising

Our narrow width printing technology has lent itself to yet another new product category:


Perfect for sponsors and messaging to the “captive” attendees of events, we can get you noticed on this exciting new advertising medium while keeping your players and visitors safe from the action. Contact us today to discuss your event and pricing.

How it works for Sponsors and Advertisers:

We print a scanable QR Code on the lines alongside your message with a “Scan for Details” moniker. When scanned on a smart phone, the users are taken to a website we've created for your event. There, each sponsors ad is seen, and touching any of them takes them to your sponsor screen complete with your URL, phone number, and a map to your location.

Below is a sample of the scanable QR code we print on spectator lines to drive traffic to the event sponsors information.  Either scan this QR code below to see a sample of event sponsors page or CLICK HERE to access the same page.

0 QR Code Sponsors Parent Page

Sample pics of spectator lines outside the field line 

spectator lines 02

spectator lines 04

spectator lines 01

spectator lines 03