Portable Athletic Field Boundaries

Port-A-Field : Reseller Program

Would you like to offer your customers Port-a-Field products? Join our Reseller Program today!

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About the Reseller Program

Our reseller program is unique. The Portable Field Lining concept applies to many varying field sizes with varying rules, necessitating the need for varying field demarcation elements. That fact coupled with the many optional interior lines, widths and colors (goal lines, mid-field, goalie boxes, etc.) creates hundreds of SKUs.

To address this reality, we have developed on-demand just-in-time manufacturing processes based onshore in Texas. Most products are produced after the customer has selected the field type, model, and the options they want.

Our tiered pricing model is an extension of this order fulfillment process. As a Reseller, you will have a customized Portal on our website to expedite your ordering process and to apply the appropriate discount. Resellers have the option of taking bulk delivery of specific SKUís -OR- we can take individual orders that we will produce and drop ship to your customer.

How It Works

1. Apply to become a Reseller
2. Sign our Reseller Agreement
3. Choose which products you want expedited access to

That's it, it's simple!  Once approved, we will then create your custom order page and send you a link to access it.

Please note that this is not a banner based or online referral type program as our Affiliate Program.  Sales are made through your online store, product catalog or in-store stock.

How to Join


If you have any questions, please contact us.