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Our product line includes field perimeters, mid lines, goal / penalty boxes, beach soccer lines and training grids.


DIY Kits are designed for users that need to make their own custom sizes.  Sometimes goals on a soccer field are permanently placed and immovable.  These DIY Kits would enable lines to be created to accommodate whatever odd distance these goals may be from each other.

DIY Lines are marked every 2.5 yards to be used as a way to measure line lengths without a tape measure.  

Kits include a cutting tool to cut lines to length, "rings & slides" to finish the lines by creating an anchorable end, and anchoring hardware (corner anchors and wickets).

The field material ships on a 3-inch cardboard core and an appropriate sized reel.  If you are making more than one field we recommend buying an extra reel.

DIY Instructions (pdf)