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Our product line includes field perimeters, mid lines, goal / penalty boxes, beach soccer lines and training grids.


"Port-a-field is the future of soccer training."

"Brad N., Division I Soccer Coach"
  • Our field size recommendations come from US Soccer. Penalty / goal boxes and center lines are sold separately. If you need a size not listed, let us know.
  • Explore our dual and tri-field setups that use a single perimeter coupled with crossing lines to make 2-3 fields.
  • Our soccer Training Grids are our own design, utilizing two crossing lines that enable the user to set up 7+ configurations for various drills. Every soccer coach, from U4-Adult, needs at least one grid.
  • The table below can help you decide your best field size for your athletes. Use the links in the table to view specific fields, or, scroll down below the table to Browse all of our Soccer Field Products.
  • Beach Soccer lines are blue per FIFA's request.

AGE GROUP U5 U6-U8 U9-U10 U11-U12 U13-U14 16+
15X20* 20X30* 30X47 45X65 50X80 60X110
15X25 25X35 30X50 47X75 50X100* 70X110
20X25 25X45 40X60* 50X80* 55X100 75X112*
20X30* 30X40* 45X65 50X100 60X110 70X120
The most popular fields for the age groups are noted in Blue and with an *.
Sizes listed are in yards. Meters and custom sizes are available upon request.