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Our product line includes field perimeters, mid lines, goal / penalty boxes, beach soccer lines and training grids.

About Port-a-Field fields and field lines

Port-A-Field, Portable Athletic Field Lining Systems

Port-A-Field lines are a custom engineered Field Lining Solution for a multitude of field sports and are a great way to quickly establish proper boundaries and field markings for practice and play. Age appropriate sizes are available for Soccer, Football, Flag Football, Ultimate, Rugby, TOUCH, Volleyball, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Badminton, Croquet, WIFFLE® Ball, beach sports, court sports & more. Coupled with a portable goal and optional interior lines for your sport, users can establish a field anywhere as shown below.

Playing on lined fields is simply better than playing on unlined fields. But historically, cones and imaginary lines have been the only tools available to coaches and players. Paint is often impractical, disallowed, unavailable, too expensive or too much of a hassle to continue reapplying. Port-a-Field solves the unlined field problem.  Port-a-Field Athletic Field Lining Systems saves you time, and money!

Full size Soccer field w/optional penalty box
Small-sided Soccer field w/optional penalty box


A Field On a Reel!  Coaches love them! Our portable fields make Coaches' jobs easier. Players instantly grasp concepts that may have eluded them using the typical cones and imaginary lines. Practices become much more productive and fun with real lines.

Simply find a grassy area, roll it out, and play. Fields are sized to the proper specifications for each sport and age group. Field elements such as goal lines , mid-field and penalty boxes are labeled so that no measuring or stepping off distances is needed.
Each field kit comes with a field on a reel for easy retrieval and storage for the next use, a bungee cord, steel corner safety anchors, and wickets. Depending on which field you use and the field size, it takes 4-10 minutes to set-up and about 5-10 to rewind.  
Our Material! Our lines are made with SuperStrength HTP™, a strong, durable, weatherproof field lining solution that makes out fields lightweight and compact.  SuperStrength HTP™ gives the field lines the elasticity needed to stretch slightly under a strain, enabling users to pull tight during installation making laser straight lines, while virtually eliminating tripping issues. This "Give & Go" design allows the material to move and go with the play upon contact, snapping back into place when released.  SuperStrength HTP™ is a woven material for added strength, and engineered to last for years. Most playing areas have a few dips or unlevel areas. Wickets are provided to be used as needed wherever a little extra anchoring is desired. 

Port-A-Field simply makes the game more fun!

Why wait for games or tournaments to experience the excitement of playing on lined fields? Impress your teams, players and spectators with the professional appearance and first class atmosphere created by Port-a-Field. Excitement and intensity are increased as players strive to make plays that imaginary lines would have caused them to pull up or quit. There is nothing better than to see a Flag Football player toe the sideline, straining to stay in bounds like an NFL receiver, then make a grab before his/her momentum takes them out of bounds. Or to see an Ultimate Frisbee player get horizontal, with toes dragging across the line at the back of the end zone. Or to see young Soccer players "get it", understanding throw-ins and corner kicks instantly and intuitively, which seemed impossible without visible boundaries. You just can't get that intensity and excitement with cones and imaginary lines.

Own The Field! Play when and where you want!