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Our product line includes field perimeters, mid lines, goal / penalty boxes, beach soccer lines and training grids.


One Piece Beach Soccer Fields

Regular price $199.00

Our Beach Soccer Fields come in 2 styles, a 1-piece style and a 2-piece style.

One piece beach soccer fields are a complete perimeter with markings for the 5 yard penalty box, center of goal, and midfield. Each corner is anchored to the sand with the deluxe bungee anchors included with the field. Printed on 2 inch wide white material.

The two-piece beach soccer fields do not have the perimeter line across the goal mouth, using 2 lines instead.  The ends of each of the two perimeter lines attach to or at the goal post and extend to the corner, then down the sideline to the opposing corner , then to the goal post on the opposing goal.  Each corner is anchored with the deluxe bungee anchors, included with the field.  Markings for the 5 yard penalty box and midfield are printed on the lines. Printed on 2 inch wide blue material.