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Our product line includes field perimeters, mid lines, goal / penalty boxes, beach soccer lines and training grids.


30x30 Yard Soccer Training Grids

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These soccer grids are one of the best coaching resources available for developing soccer skills. See our?ÿGrid Training?ÿtab for many training games that can be played using these grids.

The?ÿ30x30 yd grid perimeter?ÿincludes a pair of crossing lines. Markings every 2.5 yds on the perimeter line make it easy to place the crossing lines parallel to the sidelines.

We also have these available in Themed Grids for USA, Mexico, Great Britian and Texas.?ÿ See our Personalization and Branding Package for other options!

Soccer training grids with crossing lines can be converted into mulitple configurations to fit your training and practice needs. ?ÿThese configurations may include, but are not limited to:

  • Simple Square with no crossing lines for numerous training skills building activities.
  • Four Squares to create 4 equal training areas.
  • Offset Lines to create lanes or mark a midfield area.
  • Parallel Lines to create 3 equal or unequal training areas.
  • Single Line to create 2 unequal training areas.
  • Single Offset Line to create a scrimmage field
  • Full Field by using the crossing lines as part of the perimeter.
    • 20x20 makes a 20x40 yard soccer perimeter
    • 30x30 makes a 30x60 yard soccer perimeter
    • 40x40 makes a 40x80 yard soccer perimeter