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Flag Football Fields - Warehouse Clearance prices starting from $130

Sale price $147.00 Regular price $225.00

We have approx 20 Flag Football Fields fields of various sizes in our warehouse.  Some of them were made in 2017 using 1.5" material prior to our 2" products being available.    (From 2003 to early 2017 all of our fields were made using 1.5" material).  Others were demo units or exchanges.  Some we can't remember why they were made.  

You can take advantage of our overstock!  Our Standard one year warranty still applies.

In the description:

  • 1W = 1.5 inch wide white material
  • 2W = 2 inch wide white material
  • 2Y = 2 inch wide yellow material
  • 1y = 1.5 inch wide yellow material
  • 2B = 2 inch wide blue material