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Our product line includes field perimeters, mid lines, goal / penalty boxes, beach soccer lines and training grids.


Youth Football Field (80% Scale Size) PLUS Goal Lines!

Regular price $350.00

Scaled football field, 1.5 inch White, 80% of full size, based on a scaled down percentage of a standard football field of 53.3 x 100 yards (53.3 x 120 yards including endzone areas). Includes two goal lines. Includes markings for goal lines, midfield line, yard markers for each 5 yard increment, individual yard lines, and goal post center. Endzone areas are included with each Scaled Football field and should be accounted for when computing the total dimensions of the perimeter. The field size selected only refers to the playing field and does not account for the additional yards in width for the endzone areas. As an example, if you select a 40x75 yard field size that comes with 7.5 yard endozones, the total dimensions of the perimeter will be 40x90 yards (75 + 7.5 + 7.5 = 90 yards).
Scaled football fields are great way to accommodate youth and kid football leagues by scaling down a standard football field by a certain percentage.